3 Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online As A Nigerian

The rate of unemployment in Nigeria has been a major problem hence the youths have been forced to look for alternative sources of income and to stop relying on the pay check of a white and blue collar job.

While making money online is the way to go, so many people choose to go the illegitimate way, forgetting it takes the same efforts to make legitimate money online.

Making money off the internet is easy if you have the right information. Without too much of stories, here are 3 or more ways you can make money online.

1.Provide some services on Fiverr:
Do you know how to write articles, proof read, create logos, sing, record clean amateur videos, become a virtual assistant? Why not sell your skill online?
Fiverr.com is a micro job site where people trove in to get services at cheap rates. You might underrate the meagre $5 but if you are consistent on the site and begin to get say 10 orders daily, that's $50. Multiply that at an exchange rate of $165 and you get N8250. Ain't that cool cash?
You'll have to follow some rules to be successful on Fiverr.

2. Start an ecommerce biz
Hey hey don't get scared. It is easy. You don't have to set up a store like Jumia and OLX but you can leverage some of these big brands to make money online. All you have to do is source for items you think will sell and then list them online.
The sites I have personally used that have brought me results are OLX, Kaymu and I hear Konga is good too but it has not produced me results. Maybe that's because I just joined anyway. Another way you can make money online is via right under your nose. The all powerful facebook is one site you should leverage.

3. Affiliate marketing: Thisone is rather complex. It requires people who are in the internet marketing niche already.
I just did this post briefly to see the kind of response I will be getting. If you'd like more indepth information on any of these business models just say it in the comments area and I will expantiate more on any of them.

All the best my friend. Let's hear your thoughts in the comments area.

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