5 ways to hire the right attorney

You need an attorney for almost every move you make as an adult. Whether its reviewing a contract, filing for divorce, applying for a mortgage or outrightly buying a new apartment.
It is advisable you work with Lawyers who understand the law and can guide you so you don't violate state and Federal lawa.
However, attorneys can be expensive especially if you don't have a large income. We have written a guide on how to find the best and affordable attorneys in New York, California and even Texas.

1. Don't wait until you are sued
The best thing to do is to befriend attorneys so they can be there to guide you in your dealings and advice you so you don't get into trouble.
2. Look for Federal legal aid programs. The Federal government usually funds quite a number of legal aid programs. These Legal aid employs good lawyers and paralegals to offer free services to people who are eligible.
3. Find a local pro bono program. Local Bar associations often offer free legal help through pro bono programs. Lawyers willing to work for free, or "pro bono," are matched with people who qualify for free legal advice.
4. Visit a law school. You could also consider hiring an up-and-coming law student to give you advice. Generally, students in law school are certified to practice law under a faculty member who is a practicing attorney.
5.Represent yourself in court. Not advisable but if it comes to worst, you may consider this option. No legal expert will suggest you do this, so please keep that in mind.
"You can do yourself significant harm by representing yourself. Lawyers have an expertise in the law and court procedure that laypeople and the public [do] not.

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