4 Secret Resource Places For Nigerian Internet Business Owners

So you've been running an online business in Nigeria? How has the journey been? Fair? Good or excellent?
I know about the internet business and marketing terrain in Nigeria and want to share with you for great sources for materials.
To be successful in the internet business, you'll always need information, ideas, software, tools and materials to help you.
These four places should help you in that regard.

1. Bloggers Lab
This is a Facebook group founded by Jide Ogunsanya, the owner of Ogbonge blog, one of the most popular Nigerian tutorial and how to blog. Blogger's lab is a collection of bloggers from the pros to the newbies. You'll find most answers to your blogging questions there and you may meet a potential business partner there. Be courteous to the guys you meet there.

2. Fiverr Marketing Forum

In my last post, I made mention of Fiverr as one of the best places to make money online as a Nigerian. The group was formed by professional internet marketer Abiola Boluwasanmi. Fiverr is currently hot in Nigeria and this is where you'll find the best advice, tips, tools etc for free. You'll get information and material sold out there for free on this forum.

3. WSO Downloads
This site has materials released on the warrior forum and it is available for free. You'll find useful internet marketing tools to help your online business free on that site.
4. BHW and Warrior Forum
These are the places to stay abreast on the latest internet marketing and online business trends.
Most guys get their ideas from these 2 sites and then fine tune and adapt it to the Nigerian market.
What other great internet resource that could be useful to Nigerians which we've omitted? Kindly tell us in the comments area.

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