5 Most Lucrative College Degrees For 2016

College is often believed to be the surest way to a lucrative career in future. According to stats, a worker with a bachelor's degree earns 67.7% more than someone with just a high school certificate. However, not all college degrees are the same. While some gives you a job immediately after graduation, some other degree holders still need to go back to school to study for a masters program in order to increase their purchasing power.

Hera are the 5 most lucrative degrees for 2016: 
1. Master’s, Biostatistics
Median Salary: $105,900, Projected Growth in Jobs by 2024: 23%, Percentage Who Are Highly Satisfied: 85%, Low Stress: 57%
2. Ph.D., Computer Science
Median Salary: $147,400,Projected Growth in Jobs by 2024: 12%, Percentage Who Are Highly Satisfied: 77%,Low Stress: 45%
3. Ph.D., Economics
Median Salary: $125,800,Projected Growth in Jobs by 2024: 11.3%,Percentage Who Are Highly Satisfied: 88%,Low Stress: 59%
         4. Aerospace engineering,Starting salary: $64,800, Mid-career salary: $107,000, Annual online job postings: 5,414 ,Related job: Aerospace Engineer,Projected 10-year job growth: 11.1%
28. Business Information Systems: Starting Salary: $58,600, Mid-Career Salary: $87,400 (65th)

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